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Legionella Prevention Services

Legionella Prevent (TRDuk Ltd) is a water treatment company offering full water quality management services, Legionella prevention services and Legionella risk assessments for both commercial or domestic premises including local councils, residential care homes, hotels, retail outlets, housing associations, schools, nurseries, surgeries, landlords, letting agents and many more.

Health and Safety legislation places significant liability on building owners and operators to maintain their water systems free from risk to health, including legionnaires disease. Landlords and self employed individuals who provide residential accomodation or who are responsible for the water system(s) in their premises, also have a responsibility to ensure the risk from exposure to Legionella in those premises is properly controlled. Such organisations include landlords in the private renting sector and managing agents, who have a duty as responsible person(s) to assess the risk (Legionella Risk Assessment) from exposure to Legionella to their staff, residents, guests, tenants and customers and to introduce appropriate control measures.

Many of those 'responsible person(s)' are unaware of their legal duties and obligations; some have little or no knowledge of current legislation, or lack the skill and competency to ensure their premises are compliant. Pleading ignorance is no defence if you end up being prosecuted, which is why we offer a complete range of services from Legionella Risk Assessments, Legionella remedial works, tank cleaning and disinfection to water treatment and analysis.

As a service provider we can help you to meet all your responsibilities. TRDuk Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 registered firm whose aim is to provide quality services at affordable prices. To this end our purpose is to assist you in complying with all regulation and legislation. Our focus is on you, the client, and our satisfaction is only complete when we have achieved our purpose.

TRDuk specialise in Legionella prevention, Legionella control, Legionella Risk Assessments, Legionella water treatment and Legionella elimination. We offer affordable solutions, package deals for every situation giving you the peace of mind and satisfaction of complete compliance.

Water Hygiene

Legionella Prevention
Our water hygiene experts help businesses control the amount of Legionella in their water supplies.


Controlling the Risks - Legionella control Legionella - Control
From analysis of your current system to full Legionella control. We can help implement a new monitoring and control programme based on your Legionella risk assessment.
Legionella Responsibilities Legionella - Responsibilities
Our experts will advise and implement the perfect water hygiene management system for your business.


Legionella Water Treatment Water Treatment
We provide bespoke Chlorine Dioxide (Cl02) dosing systems and water treatment chemicals for Legionella control either as a one off disinfection or as part of an ongoing water treatment programme
Legionella Risk Assessment Legionella Risk Assessments
A Legionella Risk Assessment is independently assessed for Legionella compliance. Legionella Risk Assessments are electronically recorded for simplified access.
Legionella Remedial Works Remedial Works
If the Legionella Risk Assessment indicates that remedial works are required either for compliance or to minimise the risks further we have a dedicated team on hand to do the works.
Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Tank Cleaning and Disinfection
Cold water storage tanks require regular inspection, cleaning and disinfection to prevent Legionella Infection. TRDuk provide skilled engineers in every aspect of tank cleaning and disinfection
Legionella Analysis Laboratory Analysis
from legionella testing to a wide range of biological and chemical testing to ensure that the Legionella control regime remains effective. All water sampling is taken to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.

TRDuk value our water hygiene customers and always look to build long-lasting relationships. We look forward to being of service – please call us on 0208 441 2777 or get in touch online.

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